Champagne !

Get a mixed case of 6 bottles of champagne:

  • A Blanc de Blancs champagne brut from Domaine Richomme. 100% chardonnay, however, the story does not stop just here. The winery has assembled different plots of their Chardonnay to add more complexity and depth to this wine (yes, champagne is wine!). The result is fine, fresh and delicate.
  • A Demi Sec champagne from Domaine Richomme. Here we are close to the pastry universe with a beautiful bouquet supported by millky notes. Notes of hazelnut and fudge give way to notes of fruit spread, quince, tobacco if not raspberry alcohol which is so typical of Pinot Noir. Equally generous is this cuvée on the palate. Flavours of candied citrus fruit, grapefruit and blood oranges bring a certain energy. The finish is dominated by notes of quince fruit spread and a range of brandy-like aromas. Stop me or I will not stop writing about it...!
  • An aged champagne from Domaine Jacques Chaput. The very fine and abondant sparkles enchant already with the beautiful foam they offer. This opulent visual continues with the lime tree smells, flowers and ripe white fruits. Where it pierces the heart is the finish of vanilla, butter and honey savors whilst staying notably fresh. Hard to beat!
  • A Blanc de Noirs from Domaine Jacques Chaput. 100% made with the winery's pinot noir. Very fine bubbles, the nose takes your sensations to citrus and red berries' memories. Whilst it is juicy and fruity it is also comforting thanks to a buttery feel in the mouth. Refreshing and delicious. 
  • A Rosé champagne Grand Cru from Domaine Nicolas Maillart. This is no ordinary rosé! It is extremely fruity and souple. The gentle sweetness is a caress to the palate.
  • An extra brut Premier Cru champagne from Domaine Nicolas Maillart. Very well balanced with a high concentration whilst fresh on the nose, with candied citrus aromas. The mousse is delicate with fine bubbles. It's round and complex, with good intensity and structure and a very good finish. A very charming bottle!


The ultimate party box

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